Welcome to The ADHD Manual!

Living with ADHD in a world built for neurotypicals (people with the most common brains) is like trying to follow an IKEA assembly manual for our Hot Wheels race car track pieces. No matter how much tape is at our disposal, those little Swedish illustrations elude us. We could toss this rocket launcher and buy crappy plastic pins. Or we could toss the manual and write our own.

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When I was a kid, I avoided jeans as much as I could – but growing up in the 90’s, denim was difficult to dodge. So I compromised with my mom by ONLY wearing jeans if I could tuck my shirt completely into the waist. (Whatever you are picturing right now is accurate.)

Do you ever feel like you – just, feel more than other people? Has anyone ever described you as…dramatic? Oversensitive? Colorful? Moody? Irritable? Expressive? Were you prone to meltdowns as a kid? Are you perhaps still a little prone to meltdowns?

I’d like to remind neurotypicals of something extremely important. It is not up to you what ADHD, or neurodivergence, means.

For ADHD Awareness Month in October, I posted one fun fact a day on Facebook about what it is like to live with ADHD. And people seemed to dig it? So I thought starting a blog to compile those fun facts, and maybe give people a platform to ask questions and share what they have learned, would be a nice idea.