Welcome to The ADHD Manual!

Living with ADHD in a world built for neurotypicals (people with the most common brains) is like trying to follow an IKEA assembly manual for our Hot Wheels race car track pieces. No matter how much tape is at our disposal, those little Swedish illustrations elude us. We could toss this rocket launcher and buy crappy plastic pins. Or we could toss the manual and write our own.

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Hi folks, just an FYI that I changed my name! It’s now Abby Chau. So I will be changing my website and social medias to reflect that; don’t be alarmed, I am the same person. That’s all, carry on! New episode coming out this Thursday!

Episode 10 is live! Today I try to give you all the dirt on diagnosing ADHD: who can do it, how to do it, how not to do it, and how to get started when seeking a diagnosis and getting help feels impossible.