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Living with ADHD in a world built for neurotypicals (people with the most common brains) is like trying to follow an IKEA assembly manual for our Hot Wheels race car track pieces. No matter how much tape is at our disposal, those little Swedish illustrations elude us. We could toss this rocket launcher and buy crappy plastic pins. Or we could toss the manual and write our own.

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Episode 54 is live! Today I’m talking housing accommodations. And by “talking” I mean “giving a Powerpoint presentation” and by “housing accommodations” I mean the quirks of my living space that make my house more ADHD friendly, and some more information on Emotional Support Animals.

Episode 51 is live! If you’re like me, interoception (sensing and interpreting internal signals) can be hard. So I broke down some basic needs and the subtle/not-so-subtle ways my body communicates them.

Episode 48 is live! I am beyond excited, because today I get to show off the amazing minds in my community. Listen to how my neurodivergent peers answered the question: “What is a life lesson you have learned (or unlearned) that changed your neurodivergent experience for the better?”