Episode 2: COVID-19 Confession Corner

Episode 2 is live on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more.

Disclaimer: This is the anti-episode. DON’T listen if you want to hear useful information or advice. DO listen if you want to hear the embarrassing things I have been doing (and not doing) in Quarantine Land.

The ADHD Manual Podcast, Episode 2: COVID-19 Confession Corner

One thought on “Episode 2: COVID-19 Confession Corner

  1. Great episode. I like what you say in the intro. It’s a nice sketch of you and the podcast and the ADHD environment. The podcast itself. Strengths and weaknesses and confessions and gratefulness; I could relate to quite a bit of this, if not all of it. The crushing weight of getting started (I’ve been thinking about that serotonin drain I heard mentioned, which I still need to research). Metacognition. Pride vs honor. Showing up, which is exactly what I wanted to do since I said I would be in touch! Being seen, for better and for worse, and show even more. The temper. Building back up with that enjoyable distraction task that shows tangible progress and direct cause and effect, and limited options. A lot of options, but not unlimited. I can relate to all of that. It was very validating. This was a lot of substance. It was nice to not hear tips. To not leave this podcast with a to do list. Just sit here and be validated. I can learn from that too anyway.

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