20 Reasons Michael Scott is My ADHD Hero

1. People Pleaser Extraordinaire. “I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.”
2. This is exactly how it feels whenever anyone says, “Sorry, I can’t make it.”
3. Sometimes, he just can’t help himself.
4. The footnote of almost every comment he makes is “I should not have said that.”
5. When in doubt, play a game. “‘Battleship’ got me through my parents’ divorce. ‘Operation’ got me through my vasectomy.”
6. No big words allowed. “K.I.S.S. = Keep It Simple, Stupid.”
7. Hyperfocus in romantic relationships.
8. Loyal to a fault.
9. “Like an improv conversation. An improversation.”
10. Priorities are hard.
11. It can be challenging for others to keep up.
12. Procrastination Station.
13. Relentless persistence.
14. A flair for the dramatic #emotionalhyperarousal
15. I said crises trigger our focus. I did not say that focus is always on helping other people.
16. That sweet tooth. The ADHD brain craves sugar and carbs more intensely because of its dopamine imbalance.
17. Very low Bullshit Tolerance.
18. Doing stuff he doesn’t want to do is literal torture.
19. His ideals sometimes don’t match realistic capabilities.
20. Despite his flaws and insecurity, he’s always looking for that positive spin. And he extends that to others too.

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About Abby Chau, LMFT, ADHD-CCSP

I am a marriage and family therapist based in Seattle, WA. I also have ADHD! And I love learning more about it, by myself and with my clients. Join me as I create an ADHD Owner's Manual! (she/her)